About Our Dentist - Brad A. Walker, DDS

Dr Brad Walker smilingBrad A. Walker, DDS

A California native, Dr. Brad Walker attended University of the Pacific in Stockton and San Francisco, where he attained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. With over 30 years of experience, advanced professional training, premium access to dental technologies and credentials in cosmetic, restorative, orthodontics and general dentistry, Dr. Walker offers his patients highly successful treatment plans and quality dental care in San José, California.

Dr. Walker is recognized for his creativity and design experience and has been involved with office and equipment design throughout his long career. Receiving design awards for his San Jose office, he has been featured in local and international publications. He maintains these high-quality standards and skills that make him an asset to professional organizations and industry research groups. Dr. Walker participates in dental symposiums and study groups, and is a pioneer in finding creative solutions for unique reconstructive cases.

Dr. Walker is well known for his contributions to the community and is co-founder of HITLAND Ministries, a Bay Area non-profit organization. He and his wife lead and organize community events, leadership training and seminars. Formerly a volunteer employee at San Quentin Prison, Dr. Walker is currently making a difference in the lives of youth. He is a motivational speaker in California Juvenile Halls. Working alongside the non-profit organization Neighborhood Hope Dealers, he facilitates events throughout California.

In 2015, Dr. Walker served as president of the BNI Santana Row chapter. When not contributing to the community or working at his practice, Dr. Walker enjoys spending time with his family and friends, as well as traveling. Contact Brad A. Walker, DDS at 408-445-4444 to learn more about Dr. Walker!